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Simply REVIVE: Deep Conditioning Mask

Simply REVIVE: Deep Conditioning Mask

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REVIVE – The Heart of Nature’s Luxe Rejuvenation

Dive into the essence of pure indulgence with our latest innovation, the REVIVE Deep Conditioning Mask, exclusively from Apothecary Goods' SIMPLY All-Natural Body Wellness Line. Expertly crafted to transform your hair care ritual into a sanctuary of nature’s finest treasures, REVIVE isn't just a product; it's your personal gateway to unparalleled nourishment and rejuvenation.


Luscious Scent, Pure Essence: Awaken your senses to the vibrant, uplifting scent of Blood Orange paired with the delicate, soothing aroma of Ylang Ylang pure essential oils. This harmonious blend not only enchants your senses but also infuses your hair with a subtle, invigorating fragrance that lingers.

Unmatched Natural Nourishment: At the heart of REVIVE is a trio of nature’s most luxurious butters - Mango, Argan, and Cocoa. Each element is chosen for its unique ability to deeply moisturize, soften, and enhance the natural beauty of your hair. These all-natural powerhouses work in unison to deliver hydration and smoothness to even the driest strands.

Advanced Hydration Technology: Elevate your hair’s moisture levels with the cutting-edge infusion of Bio-Identical Hyaluronic Acid. Mimicking the body’s own hydrating molecules, it ensures deep penetration, superior hydration retention, and revitalizes each strand from the inside out, promising a supple, glossy mane.

Exotic Bakuli Oil Infusion: Embrace the transformative power of Bakuli Oil, an ancient beauty secret renowned for its remarkable restorative properties. This exotic elixir helps to rejuvenate tired, aging hair, imparting a youthful radiance and unparalleled softness and as a bonus contains a natural SPF of 40.

Eco-Conscious Luxury: Committed to sustainability and wellness, the REVIVE Deep Conditioning Mask is a testament to our dedication to both the planet and your hair. Free from harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances, our formula is as kind to the environment as it is to your hair.

How to Experience REVIVE: Indulge in this deep conditioning ritual once or twice a week, applying generously to clean, wet hair. Let the natural butters, oils, and hyaluronic acid work their magic for 3-7 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. For the ultimate experience star with our Head Strong Blood Orange and Ylang Ylang moisturizing all natural shampoo, and immediately follow with our Hair Magic Hair Serum.

Discover the Essence of Pure, Natural Beauty with REVIVE: Step into a world where luxury meets nature. With every use, the REVIVE Deep Conditioning Mask not only restores your hair but also revives your spirit, leaving you and your hair refreshed, revitalized, and ready to face the world with confidence.

Embrace the power of nature’s finest ingredients and transform your hair care routine with Apothecary Goods' REVIVE Deep Conditioning Mask – Your hair’s natural ally for beauty and vitality.


Product comes in a 6oz. shatterproof jar.

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