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Apothecary Goods

RUNE: A Fragrant Ritual - Enchanting Incantation in Every Spray

RUNE: A Fragrant Ritual - Enchanting Incantation in Every Spray

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Step into a realm where magic intertwines with allure, presenting RUNE, the captivating eau de toilette by That Witch Beauty, the mystical sister brand of Apothecary Goods. Crafted for those who weave enchantment and allure into their very essence, RUNE is a whispered spell bottled in mystique, drawing from the earth's most enigmatic aromas, and enhanced with the mystical potency of Green Tourmaline crystals.

RUNE transcends mere fragrance; it's an invocation, a bottled incantation that beckons you into an enchanted world. Each mist is an invitation to a hidden grove where ancient woods hum with secrets, where citrus groves guard the elixir of temptation, and where ethereal blossoms possess the power to bewitch the senses. This scent straddles the realms of the magical and the mysterious, a concoction that lures with the promise of the unknown.

Formulated with pure therapeutic grade essential oils, RUNE cloaks you in an aroma that defies explanation—a journey through a twilight forest, air laden with the allure of exotic woods, the unbidden sweetness of hidden fruits, and the fleeting caress of otherworldly florals. It is a balance of shadow and luminescence, a seductive beckoning into the depths of the unseen.

Central to RUNE's enchantment is the incorporation of Green Tourmaline crystals, chosen for their unique metaphysical properties. This gemstone, celebrated for its ability to attract luck, success, and abundance, also offers powerful protective energies that shield the wearer from negative influences. Known to promote courage, strength, and stamina, Green Tourmaline is a beacon of personal growth and emotional balance, making RUNE a fragrance that doesn't just envelop you in mystery but also empowers and uplifts.

RUNE by That Witch beauty is not just a perfume; it's an amulet, a vessel of ancient wisdom and modern mystique. It invites you to embrace your inner power, to captivate and enchant with an aura of mystery that is palpably yours. Wearing RUNE is an act of defiance against the mundane, a declaration of the magical potential that resides within.

Unveil the secret that is RUNE, available exclusively through That Witch Beauty. Let this eau de toilette become your mystical signature—the scent that weaves spells of attraction, protection, and unfathomable charm, anchored by the grounding force of Green Tourmaline. Embrace the magic of RUNE, and transform the world around you with every step you take.

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Handmade in small batches

That Witch Beauty line of products are handmade in small batches from some of the best ingredients around.

Designed with Intention

At That Witch Beauty products it is our belief that beauty starts in the mind and encompasses the energy that surrounds you.  As you develop comfort in embracing your uniqueness; the true individual that you are, the external beauty begins to flow naturally.


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Great care is taken when souring raw materials for production of That Witch products.


Products are made with many naturally derived ingredients, which in rare cases may cause sensitivity in certain individuals. If sensitivity occurs, discontinue use immediately. Do not spray mist directly on plastics or leather. All products are intended for external use only. Due to the use of pure essential oils, always test any products in a small area first. Some separation may occur with oils, please shake well prior to using. As with all essential oil products, please contact a physician prior to use if pregnant or nursing.