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Welcome to That Witch Beauty

It is our belief that beauty starts in the mind and encompasses the energy that surrounds you.  As you develop comfort in embracing your uniqueness; the true individual that you are, the external beauty begins to flow naturally.

Our products encourage you to set your goals high with pure intent and a little magic. Many of our products are made with moon charged water and infused with healing crystals. The most important element in all of our products is understanding that You are the true magic.

It all started with an obsession with moon water and healing crystals.

Our recipes are developed using the finest all natural and organic ingredients. Each small batch of product is created by hand in our home workshop in middle Indiana. All product testing is done on friends and family.

Set your intention to feel good and know that the products you are putting on your body are of the finest quality and purest ingredients. Each product is hand-crafted with love and intention to help you proudly unveil your truest self from the inside out.