Rebranding in June: Rediscovering Our Authentic Magic

Rebranding in June: Rediscovering Our Authentic Magic

Hello, Wellness Warriors!

Big changes are coming to this June, and we couldn't be more excited to share them with you. This rebranding journey is about more than just a new look—it's about rediscovering our true selves and embracing the unique magic that makes us who we are.

  •  Finding Our Way Back

Over the last year, we've grown and evolved in many ways. However, in our quest to keep up with industry trends and social media pressures, we lost sight of our authenticity. We fell into the trap of trying to fit in, but in doing so, we strayed from our core values and the unique charm that set us apart.

  • Embracing Our Weird and Wonderful Selves

We used to pride ourselves on being the "weird" ones, and we had a saying: "Weird is the new cool." It's time to bring that magic back—both literally and figuratively. We are ready to reclaim our identity and infuse our brand with the authentic, witchy vibe that resonates with our true selves and our community.

  • What to Expect

In the coming weeks, you'll notice some significant changes on our website, in our products, and across our social media channels. Here's what you can look forward to:

1. **Authenticity at the Forefront**: We'll be emphasizing our true selves, living life more authentically, and celebrating our unique magic. Our products and messaging will reflect this renewed commitment to authenticity.

2. **Darker, Witchier Vibes**: Our rebranding will bring a darker, more mystical aesthetic that aligns with our core values and original spirit. Expect to see this vibe in our product designs, website, and social media content.

3. **A Community of Magic**: We're excited to re-engage with our community in a way that feels genuine and true to who we are. We'll be sharing more about our journey, our inspirations, and how we stay true to ourselves.

  • A Journey of Self-Discovery

It's okay to lose ourselves for a little bit; there's always knowledge to gain in the process. What matters most is finding our way back to our true selves. This rebranding journey is a testament to that belief. We're embracing the lessons we've learned and using them to create a brand that feels true, magical, and uniquely ours.

  •  Join Us on This Magical Journey

Thank you for being a part of our community and supporting us through this transformation. We're excited to embark on this journey with you and can't wait to share the magic that lies ahead. Stay tuned for more updates and join us in celebrating the weird, wonderful, and authentic spirit of

With BIG love and magic,
Kitsie Duncan
Head Witch,


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